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Opinions. Governments unclear on the concept.

Mal was amüsanteres im Zusammenhang mit Netzzensur ...

bremner@cs.mcgill.ca (David Bremner) meinte am 02.09.96 zum Thema  
"Opinions. Governments unclear on the concept." in der Gruppe  

> Ernie Hai, co-ordinator of the Singapore Government Internet Project,
> explains his government's policy on (lack of) internet access:
> "It's not to control, but to protect the citizens of Singapore.  In our
> society, you can state your views, but they have to be correct."
> [ In the July 18th edition of Computing Canada, reporting on the
> recent Internet Society convention in Montreal. ]
> [Note - I was going to attach Keywords indicating that the joke is
> 	offensive to folks from Singapore, but considering their lack of
> 	access, I didn't see the point... - ed]
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