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Re: Krypto mit Nachschluessel

On 19 Jul 97 at 21:08, Kai Raven wrote:

> Was ist zum Beispiel eigentlich von FORTEZZA zu halten ?

In cryptography@c2.net gab es heute einen interessanten laengeren 

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Date:          Fri, 25 Jul 1997 12:07:40 -0500
To:            cryptography@c2.net
From:          Vin McLellan <vin@shore.net>
Subject:       Re: Fortezza dying on the vine?

Rich Salz <rsalz@opengroup.org> queried the List:

>I'm seeing signs that DoD interest in Fortezza is waning.  One
>software vendor no longer gets asked for it at sales meetings with
>the feds;  a two-year Fortezza contract (like the NSA did with
>Netscape) was killed.
>Anyone else?

 I see the same, but I wouldn't count Fortezza dead with a stake
through its heart quite yet.

 The sponsors of the Defense Messaging System, which seems to be the
reference implementation of Fortezza, announced a month back that it's
evolution to Fortezza has been stalled, delayed; not terminated or
transformed.  X3 within NSA is still committed to Fortezza -- or at
least to seeing that it's huge investment in Fortezza (and a warehouse
full of Fortezza PCMCIA cards) not go to waste.

[rest deleted]


Ich will hier nicht den ganzen Text re-posten. Falls jemand daran 
interessiert ist, der cryptography@c2.net nicht mitliest, kann er 
sich bei mir per e-mail melden. 

Axel H. Horns