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Nicht so heiss

Rezept: Nach dem Kochen etwas warten...


   SAN FRANCISCO -- Cybersex, it turns out, is not so steamy after all.
   In what is being billed as the first major "click-and-tell" poll about
   online sex, Internet users poured cold water on feverish speculation
   about their hot-and-heavy, high-tech love lives.
   "What catches our interest is the scandal -- pedophiles going online,
   compulsive sex addicts," said Al Cooper, the California sex researcher
   who wrote the survey. "But we found that the vast majority of people
   simply use it for recreation, like watching Baywatch."
   One interesting tidbit the survey revealed was that a growing number
   of women are turning to the Internet to explore their sexuality. While
   men generally outnumber women on cybersex sites by five to one, Cooper
   said more and more women are logging on.

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