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Italienische Verhaeltnisse..........

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Saturday, June 27th at 10.30am the server of Islands in the Net (the
Italian no-profit association that offers communication spaces to social
centres, free radios and collectives of the movement) has been seized by
the Postal Police of Bologna. Starting from now, thus, and who knows for
how long, the server at http://www.ecn.org will be down, the web pages will
not be available anymore and will not work the email services that
permitted in the last years the construction of a strong solidarity network
among several self-organized collectives.

The seizure happened in the rooms of the Internet provider that hosted the
server, it was ordered by the State Prosecutor of Vicenza Paolo Pecori and
was executed by officers of the Postal Police of Bologna.

It is a 'preventive' seizure claiming the crime of 'prolonged defamation'
toward a travel agency. The reason for the seizure would be the web
publication of a message posted by an Italian collective, accurate
transcription of a printed flyer publicly distributed. This message was
first sent to a mailing list (cslist) hosted by the server of Islands in
the Net and then published on the web through the usual automatic procedure.

Although the seizure order still does not explicitly mention any person
formally charged with the crime of defamation, the judge that ordered this
action evidently holds Islands in the Net liable for the content of
anything hosted by its Internet server. The liability of the providers for
the contents they carry is actually a very hot topic worldwide still far
from a viable solution. However, the main direction is that Internet
providers should NOT being hold liable for the contents they carry, at
least on grounds both of technical feasibility and commercial suitability.

The order of seizure of the entire server, furthermore, seems
exceptionally harmful because it hits a service used by hundreds of users
in Italy and abroad, completely unrelated to the events that conducted to
the charge, and that are suddenly deprived of an indispensable
communication medium.

We are currently analyzing the situation in order to find the best
solutions to what seems to us an extremely serious event that will, in any
case, be known far and wide.

We inform that the web server www.ecn.org, all the mailing lists and all
the e-mail addresses hosted by the server are currently down. We are
working to set up a backup server as soon as possible.

You can read the last news at: http://strano.net/news
http://geocities.com/Hollywood/Set/2184/inr.html or in the mailing list

Tommaso Tozzi
Via XXIV Maggio 14
50129 Firenze Italy
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2 e-mail: tozzi@vttv.dada.it
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