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Nochmal Amerikanische Zahlen..........

Hier besagtes *.pdf aus www.fcc.gov, etwas lesbarer, nun ja, geschenkt
wird einem auch in Amerika nichts, jedenfalls hoeher, als haeufig zu hoeren,
eben der Durchschnittswert, mir waers recht, die Zahlen aus frueheren
Jahren, ein paar Pfennige weniger, hab ich der Uebersichtlichkeit halber

Local rates are regulated by state regulatory agencies and vary
greatly from area to area. Characterization of any rate as "typical" is
therefore difficult. In most states, the Bell operating companies and
larger independent telephone companies charge higher rates in metropolitan
areas than in rural areas -- a pricing practice that dates back to the
turn of the century and is traditionally justified by the belief that the
value of the service provided is higher for subscribers with more populous
local calling areas. This also reflects the fact that the operating
companies forego toll revenue when exchange calling areas increase in size.
California differs from most states in that rates for each carrier are
averaged throughout the state.

Table 5.8 presents average local residential rates. The price indices
published by the BLS indicate percentage changes in the price of the
telephone services. The BLS does not publish the actual level of rates. The
averages shown in Table 5.8 are based on a FCC survey using the same sampling
areas and weights used by the BLS in constructing the Consumer Price Index.
In October 1996, the 3 national average for flat rate residential service
was $13.70 monthly. Lower-priced service alternatives are frequently
available, at an average monthly charge of $7.06. Customers also pay monthly
subscriber line charges and taxes.

Table 5.8
Average Monthly Residential Rates
(in October of each year)                      <schnipp>             1996
Monthly Unlimited Service Charge               <schnipp>           $13.70
Subscriber Line Charges                        <schnipp>             3.54
Taxes, including 911 charges                   <schnipp>             2.34
Total                                          <schnipp>            19.58