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OT-Philosophie: Zeit-Lupe

Wenn folgender Hinweis zu oftopic, bitte Bescheid -
aber manchmal freue ich mich wie ein kleines Kind, wenn
Muster im Detail übereinstimmen,
lediglich der Raum/Zeit-Rahmen ein
anderer Punkt auf dem Kreis:


     Security Code Helps Immune Cells Attack Foe And Spare Self 
     ST. LOUIS, Mo., July 24, 1998 -- A report in today's issue of
     Science helps answer a question that has had scientists scratching
     their heads: How do immune cells tailor their responses to invading
     microbes while ignoring the body's own cells?
     The part of the cell that detects harmful organisms has to punch in
     a code before the cell will go on the offensive, the researchers
     have found. Punching in just part of the code is as useless as
     entering the wrong security code into a lock.