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Realitätsabgleich für die Clinton-Affäre

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>Subject: Realitätsabgleich für die Clinton-Affäre
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>1. Which president smoked marijuana with a nude woman while he joked
>   about being too wasted to "push the button" in case of nuclear attack?
>2. Which president allegedly had affairs with both a winner AND a
>   finalist in the Miss America pageant?
>3. Which president made love to one of his secretaries stretched out
>   atop a desk in the oval office?
>4. Which president allegedly had an affair (as well as children) with a
>   slave who was his wife's half sister?
>5. Which president called his mistress "Pookie"?
>6. Which president married a woman who hadn't yet divorced her first
>   husband -- and was branded an "adulterer" during his re-election
>   campaign?
>7. Which future president wrote love letters to his neighbor's wife
>   while he was engaged to someone else?
>8. Which president had a torrid affair with the first lady's personal
>   secretary?
>9. Which president made love to a young woman in a White House coat
>   closet at one point, while a secret service agent prevented the
>   hysterical first lady from attacking them?
>10. Which president made love in a closet while telling his lover about
>    the *other* president who made love in a closet (the one in Question
>    9)?
>11. Which vice-president was pissed off because he felt that HIS record
>    of sexual conquests was more impressive than the president's?
>12. Which future president, while a college student, loved showing off
>    his manhood (which he named "Jumbo")?
>BONUS QUESTION: Before he became president, what was John F. Kennedy's
>nickname in Palm Beach? a. Jack Rabbit b. Jumper Jack c. Mattress Jack
> 1. John F. Kennedy
> 2. Bill Clinton
> 3. Lyndon B. Johnson
> 4. Thomas Jefferson
> 5. Bill Clinton
> 6. Andrew Jackson
> 7. George Washington
> 8. Franklin D. Roosevelt
> 9. Warren G. Harding
>10. John F. Kennedy
>11. Lyndon B. Johnson
>12. Lyndon B. Johnson
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Ingo fragt von der Seite "Wie heissen die Schweinebuchten
in den Grossraumbueros?" Ich (guck verstaendnislos).
Ingo: "Da gibt es doch so einen huebschen Fachbegriff".
Ich (immer noch unklar). "Cubicles" toent es von hinten.