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[FYI: Press Release for Ottawa Conference]


ich werde nach Ottawa fliegen und für FITUG einen 
Vortrag halten. Ich nehme gerne noch Anregungen 



> Tuesday, September 29, 1998
> Global Internet Liberty Campaign
> http://www.gilc.org
> The Canadian Minister of Industry will be the opening speaker
> at an upcoming conference on "The Public Voice in the Development
> of Internet Policy" to be held in Ottawa on October 7.
> The Public Voice conference is sponsored by the Global Internet
> Liberty Campaign. GILC is an international coalition of more
> than 50 civil liberties, human rights, and consumer organizations
> from around the world. GILC is the first international group
> formed specifically to address the interests of citizens and
> consumers in the on-line world.
> Marc Rotenberg, the director the Electronic Privacy Information
> Center in Washington and one of the organizers of the GILC
> conference, said he was very pleased that Mr. Manley will be
> participating in the GILC conference. "We believe that successful
> policies for the Internet must include the voices of consumers and
> citizens. We welcome Mr. Manley and appreciate his efforts to
> promote this exchange."
> Marie Vallée, of the Federation Nationale des Associations de
> Consommateurs du Quebec, said that Canadian NGOs were pleased
> to help organize this important gathering of organizations. "It is a very
> good opportunity and at a key moment, for consumer groups and other
> NGOs to discuss and be able to articulate common objectives in order to
> better protect consumers and citizens in this rapidly changing environment."
> The GILC conference features several distinguished speakers. Mr.
> Manley will be followed by Mr. David Johnston, the Former Chair
> of the Canadian Information Highway Advisory Council and the
> Former Provost of McGill University. Mr. Stephen Lau the Privacy
> Commissioner for Personal Data in Hong Kong will address the
> group in the afternoon. Experts from Belgium, Canada, Norway,
> England, Germany, Austria, Australia, and the United States
> will discuss a range of important issues affecting consumers
> and citizens in the on-line world.
> Topics to be discussed during the GILC conference include
> "Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce,"  "Speech
> Online and Access," "Privacy and Encryption," and "Human
> Rights in the 21st Century."
> GILC has recently taken action on several Internet issues,
> including free speech, privacy, and encryption. Earlier this
> year GILC released a paper to the European Parliament on
> Human Rights and the Internet and a study on encryption
> policies around the globe.
> Currently, the organization is working to revise the
> Wassenaar Arrangement, an international agreement that limits
> the availability of encryption and other techniques to protect
> personal privacy.
> The group is expected to release a new survey at the Public
> Voice conference on the state of privacy around the globe.
> The Public Voice conference is open to the public. Registration
> information is available at http://www.gilc.org/events/ottawa98/.
> Or contact Marie Vallée, FNACQ, 1215 de la Visitation, bur. 103,
> Montréal (Québec), Canada, H2L 3B5, 514-521-6820 (tel)
> 514-521-0736 (fax). General information about GILC is available at
> http://www.gilc.org/