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[FYI] United Utilities in 2000 bug chaos alert


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    United Utilities in 2000 bug chaos alert


    North-west energy and water supplier United Utilities
    today became the first major company in its sector to spell
    out the stark truth about the millennium bug, warning that
    there is "a risk of failure" on the big night. 

    The company insisted that while it was making every
    possible effort to test and rectify the thousands of
    computer systems in its water and electricity networks, it is also
    preparing for a possible break in supply. 

    In a statement it said: "Despite our best efforts, there
    remains a risk of failure of systems. Therefore a dedicated
    continuity project is now under way identifying the
    additional risks presented by Year 2000." 

    The group already has emergency and disaster plans in
    place, which "will be used as a basis on which to develop
    the additional plans necessary to ensure we are ready to
    cater for impacts of the millennium date change". 


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