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FYI: Filter für Erwachsene unrechtmaessig

Im ersten Verfahren zum Them entschied gestern ein US-Richter,
daß Filter *für Erwachsene* in Bibliotheken unrechtmäßig sind.


   Loudoun County's decision to install blocking programs "offends the
   guarantee of free speech in the First Amendment," said District Judge
   Leonie Brinkema, who ordered the library to yank the software from its
   computers straightaway.
   Brinkema, a former librarian, ruled that not only was the library's
   decision to install X-Stop "an unconstitutional prior restraint," but
   that the software restricted non-pornographic sites, such as the Safer
   Sex Page.
   Ken Bass, an attorney defending the county, said that since Brinkema
   only ruled on library regulations that apply to adults, restrictions
   for minors would be OK. "If this were a policy that applied only to
   minors, that would be a different case," he said.

The only real truth:  There is always a 'next bug'.