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[Linuxtoday] Ethnodiversity

> Tatsaechlich ist diese Industrie seit ca 1993-4 schwer ins Schleudern
> gekommen, als Microsoft seine chinesischen Trittbrettfahrer abschuettelte
> und ueberall seine monolithischen auf Chinas Beduerfnisse angepassten
> Komplettloesungen auf den (Schwarz)Markt warf...


   Linux and Ethnodiversity
    Jan 21st, 00:08:35 
   by Martin Vermeer
   (Professor Vermeer argues eloquently and conclusively that putting
   software localization into the hands of a company like Microsoft would
   be very limiting and a detriment to human culture. -- Editor)
   Linus Torvalds is one of the six per cent or so of Finns who have
   Swedish as their mother tongue. One is tempted to ask if this is a
   coincidence; I want to argue that it is not.