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[FYI] Telematics

CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999 

 Record Control Number : 12513 
                             Date : 1999-03-19 

Category : Publication

General Information : 

The European Commission, DG XIII-C, has claimed success for the
Telematics Applications Programme (TAP) in a 14-page Final Report,
which can be downloaded at: 

URL: http://www2.echo.lu/telematics/off-docs/official.html#howtop 

"The Telematics Applications RTD Programme (1994-1998)" starts with
the "Ten Commandments" of the TAP, and covers the following topics,
before concluding with a look towards the Fifth Framework Programme

- Definition and background; 
- An innovative approach to research; 
- Budget; 
- Success stories; 
- Dissemination activities; 
- Small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) participation; 
- Calls; 
- Management. 

The activities launched by the TAP will continue in the FP5 under two
Key Actions of the specific programme "Information Society Technology
(IST)", namely: 

- Systems and services for citizens; 
- Multimedia content and access tools. 

Data Source Provider : European Commission, DG XIII

Document Reference : Notification on IM Server Updates, 17.03.99.


Subject Index Codes : Information Processing, Information Systems