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Urheberrecht: MP3

Noch ein paar Links zu MP3 aus dem IPWIRE-Newsletter der EU:

MP3 Plays IPR Musical Chairs.

By far the most popular music download site, MP3.com has already recorded
16m downloads, 25m MP3 players have been installed and more than 10,000
artists have signed up for the format. Yet the IFPI says most MP3 files
infringe copyright, while FAST says that its technology merely indicates
what is available on the Net.

Addressing a recent London seminar on protecting intellectual property,
the IFPI Technology director Paul Jessop said that it had provided
information to FAST and Lycos about artists who had never authorised their
work to be made available in the MP3 format.

Meanwhile Microsoft has announced a new audio format aimed at challenging
MP3's domination of distributing music over the Internet.

The launch of its Windows Media Technologies 4.0 beta came a day after IBM
and RealNetworks said they would co-operate on a format to combat online
piracy, while Microsoft said its technology would produce "high-quality
download-and-play music with files half the size of equivalent-quality MP3

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