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[FYI] Winners of 1999 European IST prize announced

CORDIS RTD-NEWS/ European Communities, 1999.  

Record Control Number: 13687  

Date: 1999-09-24  

Category: Programme implementation  

General Information:  

Twenty five winners have been selected from among 261 entries for the 
1999 European Information Society Technologies Prize. They will 
receive their prizes at a special award ceremony to be held in 
Helsinki on 23 November 1999 during the IST 99 conference.  

Each winning entry will receive 5,000 euro, but three grand prize 
winners who will be announced at the award ceremony, will each 
receive 200,000 euro.  

The award scheme was designed to encourage IST innovation across 
Europe. It is run by Euro-CASE, the European Council of Applied 
Sciences and Engineering, and is sponsored by the European 

Now in its fifth year, the European IST prize is increasingly a 
recognition of ground-breaking innovation in IST. Past grand prize 
winners have achieved remarkable success in marketing their product, 
something the award organisers want to encourage.  

Euro-CASE administrator Helle Bonnet said: 'The evaluation group had 
a hard time because the standard has improved significantly this 
year, both the technology and, to our great satisfaction, also the 
business side as well.'  

Companies with novel products possessing a high IT content and 
evident market potential were invited to enter the competition. This 
year's winning products range from network and data security 
solutions to hand-held devices, telecom switching systems, and 
interactive 3D animation engines.  

All the winning products will be on show at the 'EISTP Village' 
exhibition at the European IST Conference in Helsinki from 22 to 24 
November 1999.  

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Document Reference: IST prize press release and interview.  

Programme Acronym: FRAMEWORK 5C; IST  

Subject Index Codes: Information Processing, Information Systems  

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For further information please see the following websites:  

European IST prize home page: http://www.it-prize.org/  

IST 99 Conference: http://www.ist99.fi/  

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