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[FYI] US acts against 'page-jack' fraud

[Also, ganz verstanden habe ich noch nicht, was "page jacking" ist: 
boeser JavaScript Code? Irrefuehrende Metatags?              --AHH]


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Friday, September 24, 1999 Published at 12:32 GMT 13:32 UK 

US acts against 'page-jack' fraud You want to play children's games 
on the Internet - you see porn. You try to check the legal situation 
on this - porn again. You have been "page-jacked".  

It is an emerging form of Internet fraud and now the United States 
has started legal action against its perpetrators. 

The Federal Trade Commission has secured a preliminary injunction to 
restrain people from "page-jacking", a practice whereby Internet 
users are diverted from material they want to view to other pages 
from which they can hardly escape without rebooting their computers.  

New browser windows with porn content pop up faster than they can be 
closed down, and as many people do not know how else to close down 
their Internet browser application, their computer is taken over by 
the page-jackers.  

The owners of Websites that the users are diverted to are then able 
to earn more money from advertising.  

"Pagejacking" is done by the cloning of legitimate Web pages with the 
invisible metatags that are used to index them for the search 


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