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[Fwd: INCORE - Widening Consultation on Rating and Filtering InternetContent]

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INCORE - Widening Consultation on Rating and Filtering Internet Content 

European experts held their second meeting under the EU funded project on self-rating and filtering systems at the Internet Content Summit in Munich in September. 

They now wish to open up the consultation with Internet users and content providers through a consultation paper on the INCORE Web site, translated into all the official EU languages. 

See http://www.incore.org/paper/paper.htm 

The views of all Internet users, particularly those who are concerned with protecting children on line, will help to shape future rating and filtering systems.  This site not only tells you what a new system may look like, but also gives an opportunity to submit your views in an online questionnaire. 

Please visit the site yourself and point it out to other users who might be interested.  The Web site includes an explanation of the background to the INCORE project and links to the European Action Plan on Safer Use of the Internet which is supporting it.