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Re: Lieferschwierigkeiten?

Wie in d.o.c zu lesen (Hendrik Buhrs, <380F899F.A53981B3@cityweb.de>)
gibt's sowas bereits online:



  For Your Eyes Only

  From: Director, National Security Agency

  To: Lieutenant Colonel Edwin Swedberg, 850th Communications Squadron
      Commander, USAF

  Al Amn al-Askari has threatened to infiltrate the DIA facility in Waco
  about 6 hours. Additionally, You should pay the DEA agent so he can
  get on with the job! He's got to use the Windows NT backdoor on some
  SIPRNet nodes, especially the one in the United Nations building
  tomorrow. Further to that, The deep cover agent we have inside the NSA
  says they're planning to pass on the fissionable test data to the
  Chinese agent posted at Los Angeles in a couple of days time Finally,
  We're going to transfer classified material to a North Korean agent in
  Las Vegas tomorrow.