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Anti-SPAM bill (fwd)

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The war on spam will be continued with the expected introduction
this week of the Unsolicited Electronic Mail Act, which will be
introduced today in a press conference by sponsoring Reps.
Heather Wilson (R-N.M.) and Gene Green (D-Texas).  The act will
allow e-mail users "to keep their current e-mail address and block
out all unsolicited e-mail without having to change providers or
get new e-mail addresses," according to a press release from the
two representatives.  The act also calls for the establishment of
"virtual gated communities" that prohibit spam, and would allow
users to put "no trespassing signs" on their PCs. Violators of the
act's terms would be subjected to fines of $500 per offense, or
$25,000 per day the violation remains in effect.  Another House
antispam bill, the Can Spam Act, would give ISPs the option of
suing spammers.  (Newsbytes 10/13/99)