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Re: Anti-SPAM bill (fwd)

On 22 Oct 99, at 9:41, Heiko Recktenwald wrote:

> The war on spam will be continued with the expected introduction
> this week of the Unsolicited Electronic Mail Act, which will be
> introduced today in a press conference by sponsoring Reps.
> Heather Wilson (R-N.M.) and Gene Green (D-Texas).  The act will
> allow e-mail users "to keep their current e-mail address and block
> out all unsolicited e-mail without having to change providers or
> get new e-mail addresses," according to a press release from the
> two representatives.  The act also calls for the establishment of
> "virtual gated communities" that prohibit spam, and would allow
> users to put "no trespassing signs" on their PCs. Violators of the
> act's terms would be subjected to fines of $500 per offense, or
> $25,000 per day the violation remains in effect.

Die Wilson/Green-Bill ist ein typischer Fall von "Pferd von hinten
aufzäumen": regierungsbetriebene Opt-Out-Listen - den bürokratischen Aufwand
dafür kann man sich sehr gut vorstellen (insbesondere wenn die FCC ins Spiel
kommt), vom Privacy-Aspekt einer Datenbank mit (wie anzunehmen sein wird) dem
Grossteil der US E-Mail-Adressen ganz zu schweigen.

> Another House
> antispam bill, the Can Spam Act, would give ISPs the option of
> suing spammers.  (Newsbytes 10/13/99)

Siehe auch <http://www.cauce.org/legislation.html>.

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