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Re: [FYI] Towards legal recognition of electronic signatures

> CORDIS RTD-NEWS/ European Communities, 1999.
> [...]
> The amendments adopted by the Parliament seek to clarify certain
> areas. The first is intended to make clear that the Directive shall
> not apply to closed systems which are based on voluntary contractual
> agreements under private law between a limited number of participants
> where there is no need for Community legislation.
> Regarding the liability of providers of certification services, the
> amendments would ensure that certificates contain all the necessary
> requirements for a qualified certificate, and that it must be made
> clear where the limitations and the liability of certificate
> providers ends.

Das Sitzungsprotokoll, welches auch die angesprochenen Aenderungen
enthaelt, findet sich unter:


Siehe auch


> Once the Directive becomes law, electronic signatures accompanied by
> a valid certificate will have equivalent validity to handwritten
> signatures. This will enable secure electronic commerce within the
> European Union, which it is hoped will stimulate investment
> encouraging growth, employment and competitiveness.

Wer's glaubt...  :)


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