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> Candidates for member-nomination are asked to send a short message
> about themselves, and their goals as they join.  Please _do_ _not_
> just repost what's on the ICANN web site, but give us some material
> for discussion.

Thanks for the invitation!

For the moment I would like to suggest that we try to reduce the number of
European candidates. There are too many. Nobody will end up on the ballot,
if endorsements are distributed among so many candidates.

I am quite willing to advise people to vote for someone else and not for
me, when I find another candidate that shares my ideas. Mainly this comes
down to:

* Less influence and power for the IP lobby and big companies generally;
* Freedom, freedom, freedom;
* Review of the UDRP (especially WIPO's role in it) resulting in less
transfers of domains;
* Users should not be represented on ICANN's board by a Telecom executive
or an official of a registry, ISP and the like.

Comment appreciated.

Marc Schneiders ------- Venster - http://www.venster.nl 
 marc@venster.nl - marc@bijt.net - marc@schneiders.org