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[ICANN-EU] Re: questions for candidates

On Sun, 13 Aug 2000, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> On Sun, Aug 13, 2000 at 07:26:51PM +0200, Marc Schneiders <marc@venster.nl> wrote:
> > > Personally (ah... this is a compaign) I'd like to pursue this direction
> > > (conflict resolution by dmain usage) as far as possible.
> > 
> > This will lead to a situation were any big company can steal any domain
> > from, say, a family using it for email addresses.
> Could you explain how this would be possible? If the family is not using
> the domain for e-mail, what's the point in holding it for them?

It seems I misunderstood you. Apologies. I got the impression you wanted
to compare traffic, while you were only asking for *any* traffic for a
domain holder to retain rights in a domain.

> > Or from a little non-profit organization. Obviously the big company will
> > generate more traffic.
> Obviously, a big company cannot make more traffic on a domain it doesn't
> own than the owner itself (think about it!).

I did, but was stuck, as I say above, in another interpretation of your
words. Probably not the most obvious :-)

> The point was finding out the "in-use" status. You seem to think that this
> is about _comparing_ traffic, but that makes no sense: what would you
> compare with what??
> > Fortunately it is an idea that is impossible to put into practice. Just
> > the costs to operate it would be inhibitory. 
> Why? DNS service is relatively low-volume, and accounting is done at
> relatively few centralised machines.

As I understood your proposal it would have been too expensive. As to do
some acoounting on the mere use of a domain, that would not need to be
expensive. It may be difficult though. I'm not sure it can be done at
"relatively few centralised machines". Unless you are talking about
checking whether the nameservers for a domain do actually work (as they
Since ICANN board members are expected to have some technical knowledge
why not persue this matter a little further? Can you explain how you would
do this "accounting"?

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