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Re: [icann-eu] Where are the ALM-Directors?

Availability of contact informations is a long debated topic. Most concerns 
are related to the need to have public access in order to be able to 
identify/reach who have a registration in place that is infringing other people 
rights or is causing some sort of DoS and so on. On the other hand the 
same kind of information may be used to track down and phisically reach 
and endanger or at least disturb someone who is expressing a different point 
of view about an argument or topic. 
I personally think that:
1- Registry MUST have all data and have an immediate drop policy if
such data is proven unsuitable for the scope to reach/identify the registrant.
2- Unsolicited exposure of sensitive contact detail should be done with the 
explicit consent/request of the registrant at their will.
3- Contact details (who registry surely have by point 1) should be given out 
only under specific conditions written down into a 'privacy policy' that 
depends on the TLD / registry estabilished rules. (that is, for example, when 
a MAP dispute is actually started, under proven court litigation pending and 
so on) 
If a request for contact details is made for a domain name where the 
registrant decided to keep such info confidential I think this desire should 
have the priority (unless it falls under some clause of point 3).
After all... if there is no reasonable reason (sorry for words joke) to disclose 
such info I think that privacy should be maintained in respect of the registrant 
Anyway there is a never ending debate on the whole topic.

Best regards
Giorgio Griffini

> > 
> > Whois can be _very_ helpful in the event of security incidents when
> > you are looking for out-of-band communication channels to the owner
> > of some remote site.
> > 
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> There certainly is. It is a matter of priority. But who determines
> whether privacy or security should have the priority? It may be very
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> Owners of servers can moreover be tracked via IP numbers. Security is
> usually, I think, more related to a server than a domain.
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