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Re: [icann-eu] Where are the ALM-Directors?

On Tue, 20 Feb 2001, at 01:17 [=GMT+0100], Griffini Giorgio wrote:

> Hello,
> Availability of contact informations is a long debated topic. Most concerns 
> are related to the need to have public access in order to be able to 
> identify/reach who have a registration in place that is infringing other people 
> rights or is causing some sort of DoS and so on. 

A DoS attack is not done by a domain name, but by a host, most easily
identified by an IP number. With my (limited) knowledge of how these
things work, I would say that the domain is irrelevant in tracking and
fighting crackers. What I understand is that even IP numbers are
'fake' in these attacks. Do you seriously believe the host/domainname
involved is real, let alone trackable to the people who are

As for infringing: how can this be done, unless the domain is actually
used, which would mean there is a server for whom someone is
trackable etc.?

> On the other hand the 
> same kind of information may be used to track down and phisically reach 
> and endanger or at least disturb someone who is expressing a different point 
> of view about an argument or topic.

Also people may want to anonymously express opinions. 
> I personally think that:
> 1- Registry MUST have all data and have an immediate drop policy if
> such data is proven unsuitable for the scope to reach/identify the registrant.

Why? The registrars really only want my credit card number and name.
That is enough to do the deal.

Whois info is completely useless to fight crime. I do find it useful
for all sorts of other purposes, not in the least to satisfy my
curiosity at times. I see no reason, however, why people cannot chose
they do not like me being nosy about their name, address, and phone

> [...]

Marc Schneiders