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Re: [icann-eu] Where are the ALM-Directors?

Griffini and all,

  To address this issue, which is also being discussed on the NCDNHC
list as well, a proposal is gathering broad support.  That is that only the
Admin/technical contact be made publicly available on Whois queries/
records.  This is all that is needed for administration of a Domain
Name registration.  Of course the RRP registry data containing the
contact information for the actual registrant will be available to the
Registrar and Registry, but not publicly available on a Whois query.

Griffini Giorgio wrote:

> Hello,
> Availability of contact informations is a long debated topic. Most concerns
> are related to the need to have public access in order to be able to
> identify/reach who have a registration in place that is infringing other people
> rights or is causing some sort of DoS and so on. On the other hand the
> same kind of information may be used to track down and phisically reach
> and endanger or at least disturb someone who is expressing a different point
> of view about an argument or topic.
> I personally think that:
> 1- Registry MUST have all data and have an immediate drop policy if
> such data is proven unsuitable for the scope to reach/identify the registrant.
> 2- Unsolicited exposure of sensitive contact detail should be done with the
> explicit consent/request of the registrant at their will.
> 3- Contact details (who registry surely have by point 1) should be given out
> only under specific conditions written down into a 'privacy policy' that
> depends on the TLD / registry estabilished rules. (that is, for example, when
> a MAP dispute is actually started, under proven court litigation pending and
> so on)
> If a request for contact details is made for a domain name where the
> registrant decided to keep such info confidential I think this desire should
> have the priority (unless it falls under some clause of point 3).
> After all... if there is no reasonable reason (sorry for words joke) to disclose
> such info I think that privacy should be maintained in respect of the registrant
> will.
> Anyway there is a never ending debate on the whole topic.
> Best regards
> Giorgio Griffini
> > >
> > > Whois can be _very_ helpful in the event of security incidents when
> > > you are looking for out-of-band communication channels to the owner
> > > of some remote site.
> > >
> [zip zip]
> > There certainly is. It is a matter of priority. But who determines
> > whether privacy or security should have the priority? It may be very
> [zip zip]
> > Owners of servers can moreover be tracked via IP numbers. Security is
> > usually, I think, more related to a server than a domain.
> [zip zip]


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