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Re: [icann-europe] ALSC publishes final draft

At 11:42 28/08/01, Thomas Roessler wrote:
>ICANN's At-Large Membership Study Committeee has published a Final Draft 
>on the ICANN At-Large membership [1] (e-book version [2]). Their 
>suggestion is to create an At Large Supporting Organization (ALSO) which 
>comprises individual domain name holders.
>The ALSO would be based on six (!) geographic regions, with six elected 
>directors serving on the board. The five candidates with the next highest 
>number of votes are suggested to form a regional at-large council.
>   1. http://www.atlargestudy.org/draft_final.shtml
>   2. http://www.does-not-exist.org/e-books/alsc-draft-final.pdb

LOL, Dear Joop,
you are now the @large leader. I told you last year when I told you to 
create nz@large.

@large lose three seats.

Registrants are no more going to be represented. ccTLD are gethoified, 
regions will overlap, Staff has increased adminustrative powers, IPC can 
now interfere with registered third level, Registers Inc. makes a huge 
marketing operation, my proposition to Peter de Blanc becomes the outreach 
method, confusion all over ... and as foreseen everyione is going to pay - 
twice now: once to Register Inc. and one to ALSO and forget about the 
Internet Users....

The best in the best ICANN world.
All this work for ... that. Even Mike Roberts document is far better.

Oups! The only thing I am glad about was that we voted to support the IDNHC 
project last week, now we are relieved...  we were politically correct.

Now we will have to live with that and try to make out something positive 
for the users. Not easy!
And I am afraid this is not the end of it...

Jefsey Morfin