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Re: [icann-europe] ALSC publishes final draft

Jefsey Morfin wrote on 28.08.01, 13:27:51:
> @large lose three seats.
Indeed. (Optimistic version: De iure loses three, 
de facto wins one -- the other four were never

> Registrants are no more going to be represented.
?no more? How where registrants represented before?

> ccTLD are gethoified,
? The cc/gTLD/DNSO future is not touched.

> regions will overlap,
? Where did you read that?  

> Staff has increased adminustrative powers,
? Where did you read that?

> IPC can now interfere with registered third level,
? The definition of "registered DN" is taken from the
registry operator contracts -- not new.

> Registers Inc. makes a huge marketing operation,
? You mean, marketing the At Large? Would that be bad?

> my proposition to Peter de Blanc becomes the outreach
> method,
? If you are referring to "in addition to general outreach 
efforts, organizers should work with the registrars to use 
the domain name registration infrastructure to notify current 
and future individual domain name holders' administrative 
contacts of the opportunity to join and financially support 
an At-Large membership.", you will be happy to know that
this idea has already been in the ICANN MAC proposal of May 
1999: http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/rcs/outreach.html

> confusion all over ...
Indeed. Confusion all over, let's not add to it.

Best regards,
/// Alexander

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