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[icann-europe] Re:ALSC publishes final draft

At 15:52 +0200 8/28/01, Wolfgang Kleinwächter wrote:
>Dear all,


>* general financing: There should be more creativity in finding resources
>which go beyond a membership fee. I repeat my proposal for the establishment
>of an "independent fund" which would invite private donations, contributions
>from members of other ICANN constituencies and even from governments.
>Governments should be interested in an self-organized at large membership
>which will work towards the protection of global public interests in the
>management of the Internet. This would not be a misuse of taxpayers money.
>On the other hand, the fund would need really independence so that
>"donators" do not have a chance to buy policies.

Couldn't agree more.  Those of us with some resources, or friends who
still have resources after their stock options have gone under water,
perhaps ought to petition the Board to establish a restricted fund
for the specific purpose of financing the ALSO.  It would be
unfortunate if one or two large donations from foundations or others
with a "point of view" ended up dominating the financing of ALSO.

- Mike

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