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Re: [atlarge-discuss] role of voting


I was not raising the issue of TR as a list admin.  I was asking him to talk
about voting, polling the membership on issues, to find out what people
think.  On the GA list we have a situation where if one steps over whatever
line he has drawn, you can be called a liar or a cheat on the drop of a hat,
and he publicly ridicules the importance of recording the views of the GA
membership.  He has insisted that I keep him informed of all contracts with
the press on the GA vote, and has his own running commentary on my own
non-GA posts on his web log.  But  he says he is a big supporter of the at
large effort too.  So I am asking that he give us or at least me some
feedback on what he considers appropriate democratic processes for the at
large.  I think this is a fair question to ask, given his role in voting on
the GA, regardless of who runs the list itself.    After all, in my mind,
the at large membership should be doing exactly the type of things that he
is aggressively blocking on the GA, and I am asking a relevant question.  Is
he of the opinion that what he thinks is wrong for the GA  would be wrong
for the at large?  Maybe he thinks it's fine for the at large.  Maybe he
doesn't.  I would like to know.


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On Sun, 26 May 2002 04:47:25 +0100, "Richard Henderson"
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>I repeat the anxieties I have previously expressed, as to whether Thomas
>is the right person to administer our lists, when he seems to me to have
>partisanship and a certain degree of obstructive behaviour over the GA
>on the re-bid. I'm not saying he isn't a person of principle (I've received
>warm affirmations of him as a person) but he seems to me to be out of
>sympathy with the majority view of people at the GA, and I just don't see
>him as sufficiently hostile to ICANN's establishment. He doesn't want a

To be fair to Thomas I think his position is more that he didn't want
the GA to be seen to be supporting a rebid as it would lessen any
influence the GA could have on the internal reform process.

I am not sure whether that necessarily means that Thomas would oppose
a rebid if there was a suitable rival contender.  He is not a defender
of what ICANN is doing - he just has a different view on whether
internal or external pressure at this point in time is most likely to

I support Thomas continuing in his role as list administrator.  He has
done nothing wrong in that role.


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