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Re: [atlarge-discuss] role of voting

Thanks for your fair comments, David. You may well be right.
I've nothing personal against Thomas - I just feel "edgy" about anything
which links us to closely to ICANN.


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On Sun, 26 May 2002 04:47:25 +0100, "Richard Henderson"
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>I repeat the anxieties I have previously expressed, as to whether Thomas
>is the right person to administer our lists, when he seems to me to have
>partisanship and a certain degree of obstructive behaviour over the GA
>on the re-bid. I'm not saying he isn't a person of principle (I've received
>warm affirmations of him as a person) but he seems to me to be out of
>sympathy with the majority view of people at the GA, and I just don't see
>him as sufficiently hostile to ICANN's establishment. He doesn't want a

To be fair to Thomas I think his position is more that he didn't want
the GA to be seen to be supporting a rebid as it would lessen any
influence the GA could have on the internal reform process.

I am not sure whether that necessarily means that Thomas would oppose
a rebid if there was a suitable rival contender.  He is not a defender
of what ICANN is doing - he just has a different view on whether
internal or external pressure at this point in time is most likely to

I support Thomas continuing in his role as list administrator.  He has
done nothing wrong in that role.


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