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RE: [atlarge-discuss] role of voting

> From: James Love [mailto:james.love@cptech.org]
 ><snip> He [TR] has insisted that I keep him informed of all
> contracts with
> the press on the GA vote, and has his own running commentary on my own
> non-GA posts on his web log.

How dare the GA Chair *insist* that all members of the GA keep him informed
of their contacts with the press, or has he singled out Jamie Love for
special treatment? Even if Thomas Roessler has never heard of the First
Amendment, (which I doubt), it shows extremely poor judgment to try to crush
outreach in this issue in this way, not to mention the Chair has zero
authority to unilaterally dictate Outreach Policies on behalf of the General
Assembly. This is not a personal attack, it's an observation of abuse of
power as well as a flag. Those who engage in crushing the dissemination of
information to the general public through normal reporting channels by
intimidation do not deserve to hold office, IMHO.

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