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[atlarge-discuss] Weekly Reminder: Jeff Williams FAQ new info and Presidents economic forum

Hi Jeff,

Haven't heard much about your conversations with the president and the dialog you are having with secret "unpublicized E-Mail addresses" lately.

Here's the weekly reminder that Jeff Williams lies about his identity and is not who he says he is:


Article written by a person looking for investment money. Jeff Zombi claimed to be a millionaire:

1. Who is Jeff Williams?

Jeffrey A. Williams, <jwkckid1@ix.netcom.com>, has claimed in
postings to various lists:

-- to be the Chief Executive Officer and the Co-Founder of the 4.8
billion dollar privately held employee owned INEG. INC

-- to be the Director of Internet Network Engineering and Senior
Java/CORBA Engineer for the Information Network Engineering Group,

-- to be an ex-IBM Fellow,

-- to have to have graduated from UTD and to have a law degree from
SMU Law School

-- to have three degrees, MBA, Masters in Computer Science and
Engineering, and Law

-- to have served as a judge for 7 years

-- to be a member of the IETF

-- to serve on several medium sized business boards and on the boards
of several banks

-- to be the author of two books and is working on a third

-- to own 3 ISPs, including Frisco net, Deltanet and Wiltel, with 1.6
million users

-- to own 8% of eBay

-- to have been a fighter pilot with USMC, flying missions in Chile
and for the DEA, as a reserve pilot in the USMC, stationed out of
Grand Prairie air station just south of Dallas

-- to have been acting squadron commander of the Marine combat F4
squadron VMF214 (Black Sheep) at Tan Son Nhut during the Viet Nam war

-- to have spent several years in NIS (Naval Investigative Service)

-- Graduate of Naval Staff & War College

-- Retired Colonel, United States Marine Corps


-- Jeff's 'INEG. INC' does not exist except as a fantasy in Jeff
Williams' mind.

-- Jeff changed the name of the company in his .sig, in Jan 1998,
from  'Information Eng. Group' to Information Network Eng. Group.
INEG. INC., when the real Information Engineering Group
<http://www.ieg-america.com/>, became aware of Jeff's use of their

-- SMU Law School Registrar's office, (214) 768-2618, disclaims all
knowledge of Jeff.

Jeffrey A. Williams is a fake and an imposter.


2. Is there other material available on Jeff Williams?

http://www.gtld-mou.org/gtld-discuss/mail-archive/05347.html -- a
posting regarding Jeff's non-relationship with IEG. He changed the
name of his 'company' on his .sig from IEG to INEG shortly afterwards.

http://www.gtld-mou.org/gtld-discuss/mail-archive/05398.html -- a
posting by Frederic Wilf regarding Jeff's claim to have attended SMU.

http://www.gtld-mou.org/gtld-discuss/mail-archive/05525.html -- a
posting by Kent Crispin commenting on Jeff's claims.

http://www.dso.net/wwalsh/jeffw/ -- a site maintained by William
Walsh relating to Jeff's claims.

http://www.fichtner.net/outlook/1999-01.html -- a German reporter's
article on Jeff... written in German, use
http://babelfish.altavista.com/ if you don't read German.

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