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Re: [atlarge-discuss] ICANNATLARGE.ORG still not resloving...

The scapegoat is ... ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 15:18 02/11/02, Hans Klein wrote:
Dear Members,
I think everyone on this lists knows that Bret Fauset is working on this problem. If you have technical capabilities and a constructive attitude, I suggest that you contact him about helping.
Since he posts regularly to this list, finding his Email should be pretty easy.
He does not even know the e-mail of Bret and do not care finding it.
But 5 minutes after havng sent that mail about Bret he sends me (???????)

On 15:23 02/11/02, Hans Klein said:
Our web site has been down for about one week.
I realize that you have not been the Coordinator of WG-WEB during that entire time. However, now that you are the Coordinator, could you please work with out webmaster to resolve the problem?
I was "Coordinator" during that period. Now I am not anymore. I transfered it to Vittorio.
During that period neither Bret nor you care to respond to my requests in that capacity

I realize there have been various posts on the subject, and I am glad that we are *discussing* it. However, I think we need to *resolve* it. I hope that the webmaster and the Coordinator of WG-WEB can make rapid progress here.
I am interested to understand that multiple posts to you on the panel list for immediate action are a discussin. I am glad you "think" we should resolve what you block. I am sure that the webmaster and the Chair of the WG-Web will do something about the day they have succeeded in making you understand how the Internet works and that you block everything.

Oh! I was to forgot: you should remove the filter you put on several of the Panelists :-)
Frankly Hans, I do not understand you. Or have you a real problem managing your e-mails: why to send us spam instead of simply sending a mail to atlarge-panel? (I reduced the destination list so this mail is sent only once to the panel and to atlarge what will make already to copies to me).

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