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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Last Man Standing

Joop and all fellow members,

 Any list rules as we have discussed before and offers of suggestions that
also have been made before for this forum, must be approved by the
members and Bruce rightly states/suggests.

  Any such list forum discuss "Rules" will meet with some opposition or
perhaps significant opposition as Joop also mentions below with respect to
the defunct IDNO.  Restricting of a form of speech is not only a bad idea,
in the US anyway, such a notion is incompatible with the 1st amendment
and is a form of Censorship that is imposed.  Such forms of censorship
are ugly and wrong.

Joop Teernstra wrote:

> At 05:33 p.m. 29/04/2003, bruce@barelyadequate.info wrote:
> >Sorry, but no.  The status of the mail list would require a decision by the
> >membership.
> Up to now, the subscribers here have simply accepted the status of the ML
> that was on offer.
> The members have never been  consulted on whether it should be transparent
> (subscribers can see who else is subscribed) or not, moderated or not,
> etc.  Something for the next Poll perhaps.
> In the meantime, any member can offer his own ML  with its own list rules
> and brave (or foolhardy) is the person who offers a moderated list with
> rules that force him to act as moderator all by himself.
> >  Besides which, Jefsey, Eric and myself stayed on with the sole
> >expressed purpose of seeing the election through, and that task only.  This
> >was our promise to the membership, and I, for one, plan to live up to it.
> Bravo.
> >That said, regardless of my position on the other side of this election, my
> >focus will be on getting our bylaws drafted and to the membership for
> >approval, then getting our organization incorporated legally in some venue.
> >If everyone remembers, my offer still stand to coordinate and file the
> >papers for incorporation here in Oregon.  I'll even cover the filing fees,
> >and the first leg of the "round robin" FedEx trip it will take to get
> >signatures from the appropriate incoming Panel members!
> >
> >|  But I personally would like to see that conversion take
> >|  place as soon as is democratically practicable.
> >
> >Trust me, there are times I wish the Discuss list were moderated.  But
> >moderation is but one step away from censorship, which I loathe!  If we are
> >to moderate this list, we first need to discuss same with the membership,
> >and follow their will.  Personally, if we were to moderate the list at all,
> >I would put in place the barest, finely targeted rules possibble, and limit
> >banning to the most egregious of acts, things way beyond the bounds of
> >propriety.
> Such as deliberate (but polite) making of false statements?
> Propriety has many colors. List rules should be aimed at saboteurs, not at
> members who might use an expletive or two.
> Not easy.
> For an attempt at list rules, see the old IDNO rules
> http://www.democracy.org.nz/discuss.htm
> They met with fierce opposition and that in itself contributed to the
> idno-discuss list  descending into chaos.
> -joop-
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