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Re: [FYI] /. vs MS

* Harald Milz wrote:
>Lutz Donnerhacke <lutz@iks-jena.de> wrote:
>> Die Argumentation verwendet Scientology auch.
>Wenn wir schon dabei sind: mir steckte neulich einer, daß Netscape (DE) 
>angeblich ST-underwandert sein soll. Weiß jemand was dazu? 


ich hab mal ein bisschen in meinen Archiven gekramt. Es hat in
alt.religion.scientology hierzu im September 1999 eine Diskussion gegeben:

Career Night

The Industry Standard published an article on career nights at the Palo Alto
Scientology org. 

"The church's Palo Alto mission started hosting the lecture series in early
August, featuring Scientologists prominent in the technology field. Critics
say the church is trying to sucker unsuspecting job hunters into joining
what many have labeled a cult, but a spokesman for the Scientologists says
the group is just trying to provide an educational service to its
technology-minded neighbors.

"At the first event, Craig Jensen, chairman and CEO of Executive Software,
talked about how Scientology had helped him to find success in business,
says church spokesman Mark Warlick. Carol Montgomery-Adams, VP of customer
loyalty for the Sun-Netscape alliance, spoke last Wednesday at the second
church-sponsored 'career night.' According to a company spokesperson,
Montgomery-Adams spoke only about her career and made no mention of
Scientology, although she is a practicing member of the church.

"'Carol's talk last week had nothing to do with religion,' says Sun-Netscape
Alliance spokeswoman Mary Camarata.
'She was just sharing her career story at a career night in response to a
personal invitation.'" 

Message-ID: <37cdd94b.2196392@news.primenet.com>

Career Night

"Don NOTs" attended a career night at the Palo Alto org this week. 

"Carol Montgomery-Adams, AOL/Netscape Vice President of Marketing for
Electronic Commerce, is a shill for the criminal cult of Scientology. She
gave a lecture this evening at the Palo Alto Org for a Co$ High Tech Career
Night. Her ostensible topic: 'Marketing Strategies for the Internet'. Her
real goal: selling the 'Personal Efficiency Course' to an assembled group of
twenty-four middle-aged people. Keith Henson picketing the Org for the
duration of the lecture

"When I went to the main entrance, Carol Montgomery-Adams handed me a
leaflet telling me that people picketing the Co$ were evil, etc. I told her
(and the other two clams standing with her) that Keith told me
Scientologists could not say 'Xenu', was that true? 'That's bullshit', said
the AOL/Netscape Vice President, 'I can say any fucking thing I please.'
Well, I asked, can you say it? 'I'm not going to say that name just to prove
a point' she blustered, pointing out that 'Jews are not allowed to utter the
true name of God.' Well then, said I, is Xenu Scientology's God? 'Noooooo!'
shouted all three in unison. 'Look', said Montgomery-Adams, 'I can say,
(opening her throat) Xenu. There. I said it. Satisfied?' Laughing, I told
her I was, and headed into the Org."

Message-ID: <250819992344133513%wkohler@gmx.de>

Career Night

"Don NOTs" reported on the proceedings at a recent Career Night at the Palo
Alto org. 

"As I entered the Org a pretty, young Ronbot handed me a small leaflet with
the words 'If you want to know about That Guy' referring to Henson. The
leaflet read: 'The people who have come here to protest have absolutely no
first hand knowledge of anything they are supposedly here to talk about.
They belong to a tiny handful of bigots. They are picketing in support of
their fellows who insisted on breaking the law by violating the Church's
copyrights. The Church was forced to take them to court to protect their
copyrights. One fellow lost his jury trial last month when it was found he
'willfully' violated copyright law. The jury awarded the Plaintiff $75,000.

"Once inside, I paid my $17 dollar admission fee and was handed a blue
manila folder containing a paperback copy of 'Ethics and the Conditions', a
yellow flier exhorting me to sign up for the 'Personal efficiency Course',
the ubiquitous Personality Test, and a High Tech Career Night questionnaire.
The questionnaire wanted to know my address, phone and email details as well
as questions about my career goals and what was preventing me from
accomplishing them. The room contained about thirty chairs and a rostrum.
The left wall was the library, a collection of works from El Fraud Hubbard.
The opposite wall had small bulletin board with a total of 23 student report
graphs tacked to it. Behind the rostrum were tacked six handwritten success

"I settled down in my chair inside the Palo-Alto bOrg to listen to what
Carol Montgomery-Adams, AOL/Netscape Vice President of Marketing for
Electronic Commerce and $cientology shill had to say on the subject of
'Marketing Strategies for the Internet'. She opened her talk by recommending
everyone in the audience read 'Ethics and the Conditions' by L. Ron Hubbard.
She said that she read it a year and a half ago and that it helped her go
from Director to Vice President much faster than normally possible. She
spoke about how marketing strategies can be related to Scientology: 'Nothing
will work if you don't believe you can be successful.' She then talked about
how the $cientology 'Personal Efficiency Course' would help people
accomplish their goals.

"Her talk concluded with a brief question and answer session. 'Have you
brought a lot of $cientology into Sun?' I asked. 'Every marketing plan I
work on the first question I ask myself is, 'what kind of [ethics] condition
is it in?'' The 'Industry Standard' incorrectly reported that Carol
Montgomery-Adams did not talk about Scientology. This is not true. If either
Sun or $cientology claim otherwise, they are either uninformed or lying."

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Nach dieser Diskussion ist es dann aber wieder ruhig geworden. 

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