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[FYI] (Fwd) EC Communication on Cybercrime

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Date sent:      	Thu, 4 Jan 2001 15:06:03 -0500
From:           	David Sobel <sobel@epic.org>
Subject:        	EC Communication on Cybercrime
To:             	GILC Plan <gilc-plan@gilc.org>
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The European Commission has issued a communication titled "Creating a
Safer Information Society by Improving the Security of Information
Infrastructures and Combating Computer-related Crime."  It is
available in various languages at:


GILC members in Europe should pay particular attention to the
call for comments, which includes a public hearing on February 27:

>The European Commission would like to invite comments from all
>interested parties on the issues addressed in this
>Communication. Comments may be sent up to 15 February via e-mail to
>the following address:
>Comments will in principle be published on the web, unless the
>sender explicitly requests the comment not to be published.
>Anonymous comments will not be published. The Commission
>reserves the right not to publish comments it receives (e.g.,
>because the comments contain offensive language). Comments will
>be available via a link at the following website:
>Suggestions as to the technical format and details of the
>publications policy will be available at this web-site. It is
>advised to check this site before sending in your comments
>The European Commission will also organise a public hearing of
>interested parties on the issues addressed in the Communication. This
>hearing will take place on 27 February 2001. Requests for an
>invitation to submit a statement at this hearing may be sent up to 31
>January 2001 via e-mail to the following address:
>or by post to the following address:
>European Commission
>Office BU33-5/9
>200 Wetstraat/Rue de la Loi
>B-1049 Brussels
>The European Commission reserves the right to make a selection
>of parties to be heard. Any selection will be based on the
>number of requests and the wish to have a wide coverage of

- David

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