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[FYI] How LinuxDisk will put a bomb under storage fatcats


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How LinuxDisk will put a bomb under storage fatcats  

By: Andrew Orlowski in San Francisco  

Posted: 30/01/2001 at 13:07 GMT  

Linux advocates who think corporates have stolen their revolution 
ought to have reason to cheer up this week. For a humble free 
software device driver still has the power to change the world, we'll 
discover at LinuxWorld in New York this week.  

Tomorrow file system provocateur Peter Braam will be on hand to talk 
about a number of projects, and there's a good chance you haven't 
heard of what's potentially the most revolutionary: LinuxDisk.  

What LinuxDisk provides is a bridge between cheap disks and the rest 
of the network, and in particular logical volume manager support. For 
the first time vanilla Linux systems will become storage controllers: 
at the heart of LinuxDisk is a driver that looks to the world like 
SCSI in target mode. So while the rest of world sees a SCSI or Fibre 
Channel array, the boxen are simply running cheap IDE disks. The LVM 
provides virtualised file system.  


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