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Probleme mit Patenten auf AIDS-Heilmittel

Moeglicherweise machen die Urheber der folgenden Petition es sich zu
einfach.  Anders als bei Computerprogrammen ist die Entwicklung von
Medikamenten teuer, und ihre Nachahmung verhaeltnismaessig billig.  Man
koennte argumentieren, dass gewisse Medikamente nicht oder nur viel
spaeter entstehen wuerden, wenn es kein Patentsystem gaebe.  Andererseits
gibt es mittlerweile in jeder Branche einen Haufen unwuerdiger
Trivialpatente, die alles blockieren.  Wenn, wie bei AIDS-Medikamenten,
der Lebensnerv eines Landes davon getroffen wird, muss etwas geschehen.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Christian Labadie <CLabadie@t-online.de>
Subject: Patents on AIDS-drugs: petition drop the case
To: info@ffii.org


Topic: Petition to ask the 39 pharmaceuticals to drop the case brought
to the South African high court against the South African government.

Despite the provision of compulsory licensing forseen in the TRIPS
in case of medical emergencies such as AIDS, 39 pharma giants
are taking the South African to court. The case will resume on
April 28th, 2001. Until then please help by signing the petition of
MSF, giving donations to the TAC representing AIDS victims on
the side of the South African government, and writing to the European

-- Medecins sans Frontieres: Petition "Drop the Case"

-- To write to the European Presidency currently hold by Sweden
   http://eu2001.se/eu2001/forum     [then follow the 'Debate' link]

-- To make a donation to the Treatment Action Campaign who will represent
   AIDS-sufferers in the South African court on April 18th, 2001:

-- Ideas of e-mail signatures in English, French and German (see at the bottom)

URGENT DEADLINE: Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) asks you to support
South Africa's efforts to make essential medicines more accessible to its
people by signing the global "Drop the Case" petition at
http://www.accessmed-msf.org by April 15.

The petition calls on 39 pharmaceutical companies to drop their lawsuit against
the South African government.  The lawsuit is blocking the implementation of
legislation that aims to improve access to essential medicines by making drugs
more affordable.

With over four million already infected with HIV, South Africa has the highest
number of people living with HIV/AIDS in the world.  Very few can afford the
treatment that has extended and improved the lives of people in richer
countries.  High prices are effectively denying medicines to poor patients,
condemning them to a premature death.

MSF asks you to visit our website at http://www.accessmed-msf.org to
sign the petition and demonstrate your support.  The site also has
further information about the case.

MSF is working with organisations around the world to try to collect as many
signatures as possible by mid-April, when the case resumes in court.  We will
then present the signatures to the 39 drug companies and to governments.

Please help us by forwarding this message to other concerned people or
organisations that you know.

Thank you very much,
Medecins Sans Frontieres
Access to Essential Medicines Campaign


Before you visit one of the stock markets of Europe (London, Frankfurt,
Paris, etc.) here are some ideas of teeshirts or e-mail signatures
in English, French and German:

() Pharmaceuticals, it's your patents or your stocks
/\ http://www.accessmed-msf.org/msf/accessmed/accessmed.nsf/html/4DTSR2

() Pharma giants, your case is hopeless
/\ http://www.accessmed-msf.org/msf/accessmed/accessmed.nsf/html/4DTSR2

() Des brevets sida ni chics ni de bon genre
/\ http://www.accessmed-msf.org/msf/accessmed/accessmed.nsf/html/4DTSR2

() Ils démontrent aux séropositifs qu'ils ne prêtent pas le serment d'Hypocrate
/\ http://www.accessmed-msf.org/msf/accessmed/accessmed.nsf/html/4DTSR2

() Ausländerverachtung im Chefetage: Pharma lassen ohne Reue sterben
/\ http://www.accessmed-msf.org/msf/accessmed/accessmed.nsf/html/4DTSR2

To learn about the AIDS situation and the South African Court Case:
-- http://www.tac.org.za
-- http://www.remed.org
-- http://www.guardian.co.uk/aids/