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Report on EU Data Retention Proceedings (was: Thema Spam im Europaparlament)

At 12:49 16.04.02 +0200, Peter Kuhm wrote:

>nun sind die Aenderungsantraege abrufbar auf
>und zwar unter
>neben Spam gehts um Cookies, die Ablehnung von opt-in bei Rueckwaertssuchen
>(Telefon), ueber die Zulaessigkeit der Telekommunikations-Datenspeicherung
>und dass die Stafverfolger diese Kosten tragen sollten.

-> http://cryptome.org/ep-spy-vote.htm


17 April 2002. Thanks to Anonymous.

Dear friends,

I am writing ou to inform you on the latest proceedings concerning the EU
Directive on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy
in the electronic communications sector: the Cappato report in the European


Together the EPP and PSE Groups hold a vast majority of almost two thirds
of the Parliament, and reportedly several Liberal MEPs tend to vote in
favour of the Palacio Amendment also, so the vote might get tight even if a
lot of EPP/PSE MEPs should not vote with their respective Group's
loudmouths. The vote in the Committee will take place tomorow, April 18th,
from 10:00 am CET onwards, the vote in Plenary will be on April 25th.





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