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Re: Report on EU Data Retention Proceedings

| Update: EuroParl Partly Rejects Data Spying

-> http://cryptome.org/ep-spy-vote.htm


Updated 18 April 2002. Thanks to Anonymous.

April 18th, 2002

The European Parliament's Civil Liberties and Internal Affairs (LIBE)
Committee has voted against general data retention. Still, it would come as
no surprise if the EP Plenary should vote differently on May 15th -- the
vote in Plenary has been postponed until then.

Members of PSE (Socialist), EPP (Conservative) and ELDR (Liberal) Groups
whose party are in governance in many member states, in particular will
experience heavy pressure from their national leadership. National
governments tend to lobby their respective party friends into taking the
position of law enforcement.

In addition to data retention the vote included several other issues; among
them spam, cookies, and reverse-searchability of electronic directories.
Except for the directories, where a bare majority voted in favour of
requiring reverse-search to be subject to the listed person's agreement,
the outcome was pretty unsatisfactory for privacy advocates, with so-called
"national choice", i.e., opt-out for e-mails and basically no limitations
as to what cookies may spy on.

The report as approved in the committee will be published at the end of
April on the EP web site:


Click "agenda / by part-session", next on "Agenda of part-session", then on
"Tuesday 16 May 2002", which is the date when the report will be discussed
in Plenary.)

17 April 2002. Thanks to Anonymous.

Dear friends,



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