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RISKS-LIST: Risks-Forum Digest  Friday 8 November 1996  Volume 18 : Issue 60


Date: Fri, 08 Nov 96 15:28:00 EST
From: "CRYPTO" <crypto@nas.edu>
Subject: The final version of the NRC crypto report is now available!

The Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (CSTB) of the National
Research Council (NRC) is pleased to announce the availability of its
cryptography policy study "Cryptography's Role in Securing the Information
Society".  This report was originally released in pre-publication form on
May 30, 1996.

The final printed version of this report can be obtained from the National
Academy Press, 1-800-624-6242 or Web site http://www.nap.edu/bookstore.  The
pre-publication version and the final printed copy differ in that the
printed copy contains an index and many source documents relevant to the
crypto policy debate; of course, editorial corrections have been made as

An unofficial ASCII version of the prepublication report can be found at
http://pwp.usa.pipeline.com/~jya/nrcindex.htm; the official NRC version
should become available online in ASCII form in December.

In addition, CSTB has been conducting briefings on this report at various
sites around the country; if you would like to arrange a briefing in your
area, please let us know (cstb@nas.edu, 202-334-2605).

[Message from Herb Lin]

  [I note that when we held a briefing on the West Coast, Herb was surprised
  to find that a scanned copy of the original report had already appeared
  on-line, shortly after the draft report had been released.  The final
  version is over 700 pages with all the appendices.  But I suspect that an
  unofficial on-line version of the official report may not be far behind --
  despite its copyright.  Incidentally, the full report is an extraordinary
  source of background material.  PGN]