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WWW-Zensur mit freier Software

Auch das Konzept der freien Software scheint nicht von vorneherein mit
jeglichem Gedanken an Zensur inkompatibel zu sein:
From: Mark R. Boyns <boyns@sdsu.edu>
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Muffin 0.7 now available
Followup-To: comp.infosystems.www.servers.misc
Date: 12 Jun 1998 15:13:03 -0700
Message-ID: <x0ium66zgw.fsf@sdsu.edu>

Muffin - a filtering proxy server for the World Wide Web.


* Written entirely in Java.  Requires JDK 1.1
  Runs on Unix, Windows 95/NT, and Macintosh.

* Freely available under the GNU General Public License.

* Support for HTTP/0.9, HTTP/1.0, HTTP/1.1, and SSL (https).

* Graphical user interface and command-line interface.

* Remote admin interface using HTML forms.

* Includes several filters which can remove cookies, kill GIF
  animations, remove advertisements, add/remove/modify arbitrary
  HTML tags (like blink), remove Java applets and Javascript,
  user-agent spoofing, rewrite URLs, and much more.

* View all HTTP headers to aid in CGI development and debugging.

* Users can write their own filters in Java using the provided
  filter interfaces.

Download sites:


Changes since 0.6:

* DocumentInfo can be located top/bottom, aligned left/right, and
  has a preferences window.  Custom HTML can be include before and
  after the info.

* Remote admin (http://muffinhost:51966/) now can access all muffin

* Muffin can now proxy SSL (https) and connect to another SSL proxy.

* Filter help text available in filter windows and remote admin.

* Fixed HTML parsing bug which converted ALT="" to ALT.

* HTTP/1.1 persistent server connections, pipelining, and "chunked"
  Transfer-Encoding support.

* Some support for HTTP/0.9.

* Better handling of <script> tags.

* New filter EmptyFont.

* Configurable foreground and background colors.

* New HttpFilter interface.  This allows a filter to act like an
  HTTP server.  These filters can generate HTTP replies as well
  as content and can intercept any HTTP request.

* New filter History.  Currently maintains a persistent history of all
  HTTP requests.  This history can be displayed with:
  This filter is functional but incomplete.

* Remote admin basic authentication support.

* Improved (faster) regular expression support using gnu.regexp.

* Improved option parsing support using gnu.getopt.

* Referer.allowSameDomain option.

* HostnameExpander prefix and suffix options.

* tagattr replace command supports $0..$9 substitution.

* New filter Rewrite which rewrites URLs using regular expressions.