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WIPO ./. Reverse Engineering

Kommt von intern@ccc.de
Subject: WIPO Passed


auf folgendes bin ich heute durch slashdot.org gestossen, und ich denke
dass es auch bei uns zu erheblichen problemen fuehren kann:

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 WIPO Passed

 Contributed by CmdrTaco on Tuesday July 21, @08:52AM
 from the today-is-a-terrible-day dept.
 Paul Kessler wrote in to tell us that WIPO passed in the house. You can
 read more at l0pht.org. What is with our government? Next year it will
 also be illegal to open your car's hood.
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Soon it will be a federal crime to reverse engineer protection mechanisms

Are you interested in the encryption used in real world software. Want to
see how strong it is or more importantly how well implemented it is? Well
don't take a peek because you will be breaking the law and fined up to
$2500. Are you a consulting business whose bread and butter is figuring
out how these things really work. Don't bother selling this information to
clients or you could be fined up to $1,000,000.