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L(©¿©)K Here And Get Completely "FREE" PCS Digital Cell Phone...

[You Definitely Do Not Want To Lose This Email.]
The 1st and ONLY Free PCS Digital Cell Phone with NO Long Distance 
& No Roaming ANY TIME MIN. [50 State Coverage]  Now available on 
the Net!!!  Good credit, bad credit, no problem.
  That's right, a completely "FREE" PCS Digital Cell Phone.
  Your cost is 0.00, nada, nothing, FREE means FREE!!!!
  Unprecedented Nation Wide, Limited Time Offer!!!
Your Free Digital Phone includes the following:
       * Choice of either Nokia model #5170 or Samsung model #SCH-2000
          [Either of these phones would cost you up to $200.00 at any
          retail Cellular store - we have no store overhead so you Save.]
       * All NEW phones
       * No Activation Fee
       * No Up-Front Cost, first bill within 30 days from date received
              [All you pay is sales tax on the phone.]
       * FREE long distance and roaming
       * FREE Caller ID          
       * FREE Call Waiting
       * FREE Voicemail
       * FREE paging - get rid of your pager bill
       * FREE First Incoming Minute
       * FREE home charger
       * Lightweight 6oz
       * Crystal Clear digital NATION WIDE PCS service [USA Only]
            [Nations BEST Digital Carrier]
       * Choice of Voice Activation on Samsung model only
       * FREE Delivery by UPS within 5 - 10 working days of approval
       * 30 return policy [restrictions may apply]
       * FREE leather case for any friends refered [after you are approved]
          just put your name & last 4 digits of SS# on the top of the fax to let 
          us know to who & where to ship it.
Hi Folks:
Want or need a free cell phone - sure everybody does.
Nice to have for emergencies.
Easy to qualify just fill out the form below & fax it to us.
If you have bad credit it's only $125.00 bucks which you get back after a 
year + 6% interest.
If by some chance, you are not approved, you will then be notified as to the 
need for your deposit.
TO ORDER and recieve your FREE CELL PHONE just print this 
message and fill out the simple application form then fax it to the number 
below.  Your phone will be shipped ASAP & you should have it with in 5-10
days of approval.  Sorry no email orders.
             ---------------------------- CUT HERE------------------------------
            -------------------- FAX TO (603) 807-5542 -------------------------
                                               - OR -
            -------------------- FAX TO (619) 374-1901-------------------------
PLEASE PRINT or TYPE  CLEARLY & FAX  this complete application page. 
EMAIL Address:___________________________
First:_________________ M.I. ____  Last:_________________________
City:_______________________________ST:________  Zip:_________
(U.S.A.) County:______________________________
SS#________________________  Date Of Birth:____/____/__________
State ID #:_____________________  Exp Date:____/____/__________

Home Ph#:(____)_______________ [NO PAGER NUMBERS] 
Work Ph#:(____)_____________Ext#:______ [NO PAGER NUMBERS] 
Best Time To Call:______________________ Time Zone:_____________
Check Phone you want: ___Nokia model #5170  ___Samsung model # SCH-2000

Calling Plans: [Check the one you want]
_____$ 29.99/month for 120 ANYTIME MIN.
_____$ 49.99/month for 500 ANYTIME MIN.
_____$ 69.99/month for 700 ANYTIME MIN.
_____$ 99.99/month for 1,000 ANYTIME MIN.
_____$ 149.99/month for 1,500 ANYTIME MIN.
Signature:__________________________ Date:_____/_____/________
No up front money - your first bill within 30 days from receipt of phone.
   [2 year Air Time contract]
Authorization for credit check and contract approved by my signature.
_______ Send info how I can make $$$$$ giving away cell phones.
Check your application status by calling 818-623-7324
            -------------------- FAX TO (603) 807-5542 -------------------------
                                              - OR -
            -------------------- FAX TO (619) 374-1901-------------------------
             ---------------------------- CUT HERE------------------------------
Due to the incredible response to this offer all fax lines may be busy, please, 
keep trying!!!
Tom Eagar
Free Cell Phone Agent
This is a one time mailing to those who have posted a link on 
my FFA page or your address  is in our in house database from past 
correspondence or youe Email address was on a list we purchased