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[atlarge-discuss] The elected icannatlarge.com panel

The elected icannatlarge.com Panel:
Vittorio Bertola is the former Chair of the icannatlarge.com Interim Steering Group
 and has been Member of the Executive Committee of the Italian Naming Authority, elected 
 by the Assembly.

Vivek Durai is a lawyer from Mumbai (Bombay), India, interested in the global evolution 
 of communications infrastructure and currently researching the regulatory framework for 
 convergence in India.

Michael Geist is a law professor at the University of Ottawa specializing in Internet and 
 e-commerce law. He has twice been elected to the board of the Canadian Internet
 Registration Authority, CIRA, and has published a study on the fairness of ICANN's UDRP.

Satyajit Gupta is a student at the National Law School of India in Bangalore, a member 
 of the Computer Society of India and has been a remote participant in most of the public 
 ICANN meetings.

Richard Henderson is from Berkhamsted, UK. He has initiated TheInternetChallenge.com, a 
 site devoted to fairness in the distribution of names in the new top level domains.

Hans Klein is Chairman of the Board of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
 and an assistant professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. 

Joanna Lane, resident in New York, is an active participant in the DNSO General Assembly 
 and has been a member of the DNSO Working Group on Review.

James Love is the director of the Consumer Project on Technology (CPT) based in Washington, 
 DC. He has been a candidate for the DNSO seat on the ICANN Board.

Jefsey Morfin has been active in data network systems and TLD namespaces, has been a
 candidate for the ICANN Board and chairs the France@Large association.

Judith Oppenheimer is the publisher of ICB Toll Free News, an information source on
 toll-free and vanity phone numbers, ENUM and the domain name industry. 

YJ Park has been a member of the DNSO Names Council for the Non-Commercial Domain
 Name Holders Constituency. She has chaired the DNSO Working Group on Review and has been
 chairing the Multilingual Internet Name Consortium.
Detailed results at http://dnso.dnso.org/icannatlarge/2002.Apr.ICANNATLARGE-Panel-vote.html
    Many thanks for the marvellous work of Elisabeth Porteneuve, our vote operator!

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