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[atlarge-discuss] AtLarge-discuss Summary 16 Sep 2002 - 30 Sep 2002

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Summary, 16 Sep 2002 - 30 Sep 2002
Nearly 375 messages from 37 senders

After a memo from Joop Teernstra: "We need 9 more members to reach our
first 1000", with some replies, Satyajit Gupta on Tuesday Sept. 17
announced the crossing of 1000 members mark:

Joanna submitted comments to DNSO NC Transfer Task Force, cc. to the
list as well as some replies:

She also forwarded here a message to the panel list, citing an exchange
from Steve Metalitz and Danny Younger, about the possibility for "a
regional at-large structure with as few as 200 individual members could
be accredited to exercise responsibilities ...":

Judith Oppenheimer started what became this month's main topic
forwarding an opinion of John Berryhill on the GA list:
"ICANNatlarge.com is not authorized by or affiliated with ICANN, and its
use of ICANN trademarks is misleading, deceptive and dilutive.  You
either have a license or you don't, and it is clear that you don't."
Joanna took that seriously, immediately communicated that "the Watchdogs
are discussing the possible impact of this unforeseen development on the
current vote to choose the organization name". Among others, Vivek Durai
and Vittorio Bertola expressed the opinion that the vote must go ahead. 
In her reply (that started the list's longest thread ever:
she raised these points:
1) Possible personal liability of Chair for Trademark infringement
2) Invalidation of ICANNAtLarge option from the ballot (which should
continue with the other four options), opinion shared by all Watchdogs
3) Membership information: draft letter to be sent to all voters

In this thread and in others messages:
- there were obviously different appreciations of risk, and alternative
views and actions to manage the problem
- many voices against modifying the ballot, some interpreted the message
as a tentative derailment from a decision taken in a democratic process
- as a discussion's result on 1st. and 2nd. argument, the letter was not
sent and the icannatlarge option was not removed.
(Joanna, Bruce Young and Walter Schmidt participated in the discussion).

On Wed. 25  Judith Oppenheimer resigned from the panel:
"I had hoped that being a panelist here would afford me the opportunity
to contribute to the at large effort to the same degree or greater, as
my advocacy work in other venues: publishing, working groups, task
forces and the like.  
It appears instead that despite the good intentions of a few good
panelists and many good members, valuable time here has been
inefficiently spent at best, and is detracting from other more
productive work"

Later on Wed. 25 (previosly fixed as timeline), Walter Schmidt announced
the result:
posted in more detail, also on the icannatlarge site:

Joanna Lane too resigned from the panel:
 "I believe use of the term ICANNAtLarge constitutes a Lanham Act 
infringement of US Trademark Law for which people can be held 
personally liable. Not wishing to be personally liable for any 
role in this organization's adopting of the name ICANNAtLarge 
permanently, I am forced to resign as a Panelist and Chair."

Relations with ICANN, before and after the vote, were commented in many
Norbert Klein remarked that "ICANNatlarge is the only "worldwide"
organization recognized in the present ICANN process", pointing to the
site at-large.org, directly or from ICANN website, under "At Large
Organizing Commitee" - At-Large Structures.
Michael Sherril pointed to Denise Michel's comments in ICANN Forum, with

Unrelated to result (or at least, without evidence of relation), in some
messages there is concern for the state of this organization (non
existent, someone suggested) or otherwise pessimistic views.
About this list in particular, Joop said:
"We have started our organization in March and now , end September, we
have still not accomplished anything permanent via this list.
We all belong to a community, but that's about all we can say [...]
When I have any free time, I want to spend it constructively and work on
procedural rule proposals. I invite those who feel likewise to join 
me  in the Charter section of the Forum":

Bruce Young put the website transfer and management on top of his list
of short terms goals, which had many comments:

According to the Election Charter, Bruce Young and Edmundo Valenti being
1st. and 2nd. after the elected panelist, they were asked to replace the
two resigning members. 
Hans Klein, acting as Alternate Chair, communicated their acceptance and
sent an update on panel activities:


The amount of suggestions, insights, detailed contributions is growing.
I plan to try another short summary around mid-October.

Giampaolo Bonora - bonora@nettuno.it

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