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Re: [atlarge-discuss] The ICANNatlarge.com web page

At 02:56 PM 03/08/02 +1200, Joop Teernstra wrote:

I have seen a few coups before, in real life and
So? Isn't your continuing control of the
icannatlarge.com site a coup? It certainly
isn't what one would call democratic. And
wasn't IDNO similar? Frankly, who the hell
are you to decide what is or is not a coup?
*No-one* elected you into the role of some
sort of watchdog of elected panel members.
You have no legitimacy in any such role.

You are acting like ICANN boardsquatters or
VeriSign, you were there first so you will
leverage your pre-existing position to ends
that suit you and no-one else asked for.

You are using a position to engage in mission
creep. We've seen it all before. Joe Sims
says you can't trust online elections, Joop
says you can't trust elected panel members.
And surprise, in both cases, follow the money.
Meet the new boss... Except we keep getting
fooled again.

I had already passed on the hosting to Bret
Fausett, so if there was a real need Bret
could have given out passwords.
Could have? Can he not still? Who decides
this real need? And who defines it? And
while I'm firing questions, what do you
mean you've passed on the hosting? That
can mean any number of things.

Do you still have the password? Can you
change it? Unilaterally? Regardless, you
remain the registrant of the domain name
icannatlarge.com, you are free to repoint
it to whatever host(s), hosting whatever
content you want, and with only you holding
the password, at any time, is that not so?
I'm sure you know that. So what has changed?

Esther Dyson did no such thing. Go back to the ALSG
archive. Pindar Wong challenged me to create the site
and I took up the challenge.
That is misleading. Pindar Wong challenged *anyone*,
you were just first off the mark to respond. That is
the only legitimacy you have and that is very little,
one might as well select a webmaster, or a watchdog
against coups, or a panel member, or an at-large
Director, by coin flipping or divination by horoscope.

I could have been first off the mark, so could have
Sotiris Sotiropoulos or Jeff Williams or Kent Crispin,
and each of us could claim no more or less legitimacy
than you, first as webmaster, then as coup watchdog.

Now which one of these folks would you least want to
play watchdog against a supposed coup? You know, I'd
actually put you at the bottom of that list, because
at least with the others (though I can't speak for
myself), you generally know what you're dealing with.

Let me reveal here that Esther's donation was the
result of my own rude armtwisting.
Well I guess. I can do some rude armtwisting if
that kind of money is going into my pocket too.
It's not quite up there even with pulling a sword
out of a stone as proof of legitimacy, is it?
I'd work for nothing before I'd accept money
from Esther Dyson, I would have thought even
a self-appointed coup watchdog would have
recognized her as no friend of the at large
by the time she was doling out cash. -g

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